Monday, 13 May 2013

AC:NL Tool Guide


Regular Tools

PictureBuy PriceSell PriceGet From
Timmy & Tommy

400100Garden Center
500125Shizue / Nat /
Timmy & Tommy

Fishing Rod
500125Shizue / Chip /
Timmy & Tommy

Watering Can
500125Garden Center
500125Timmy & Tommy

500125Timmy & Tommy
500125Timmy & Tommy

Shopping Card

Siver Tools

PictureBuy PriceSell PriceGet FromHow to Aquire
Sliver Shovel
500125Museum ShopDonate 15 Fossils
Silver Axe
8 Medals125Island
Silver Net
500125Museum ShopDonate 30 Insects
Silver Fishing Rod

Museum ShopDonate 30 Fish
Silver Watering Can
0125Garden CenterBuy 50 Flower Bags
Silver Slingshot
0125BalloonShoot 16 Balloons

Gold Tools

PictureBuy PriceSell PriceGet FromHow to Aquire
Gold Shovel
0125Garden CenterBuy 50 Fertilizer
Gold Axe
0125Garden CenterBuy 50 Tree Saplings
Gold Net
0125NatCatch All 72 Insects
Gold Fishing Rod
0125ChipCatch All 72 Fish
Gold Watering Can
0125ShizuePerfct Town Staus
15 days
Gold Slingshot
0125BalloonShoot 16 Balloons

Gold Shopping Card

Notes: (place any other info on tool uses megaphone works, can you still bury a shovel to get the gold one..ect..)

Megaphone : When holding this tool, if you call a Villager's name into the microphone on your 3ds, you can see where they are at in your town. 

The Silver Shovel can produce gems when used to hit the daily money rock.
The Gold Shovel can produce Bell Trees.
The Silver Axe can cause stumps with creative "ring" designs.
Both Regular and Silver axes can break. The gold axe will not break.

You can catch Balloons with any net.
Fishing Rods
Watering Cans
The Silver Can waters the four spots immediately north, south, east, and west.
The Gold Can waters the surrounding eight spots.
The Silver Slingshot shoots two "pellets" at a time.
The Gold Slingshot shoots three "pellets" at a time.

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