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AC:NL Face Guide

Agreat guide from:

To either be male or female, after you write your name you can either say that it is 'Cool' (male) or 'Cute' (female). If you have chosen the wrong gender (e.g. male instead of female) there is an option directly after to swap the genders, by stating your gender outright. (I'm a Boy!/ I'm a Girl!) This is very much like previous Animal Crossing games, so experienced Animal Crossing players will have no problem working this out.

Some of the possible questions:

Question 1: So this (Name of town) have you been there before?
Question 2: So why are you going there for anyway?
Question 3: Oh, so you're probably going to move there aren't you?

*Note: At the beginning, all eye colors are black, but can be changed later by Harriet using coloured contact lenses after changing your hairstyle 10 times.
Question 1Question 2Question 3BoyGirl
Never beenMovingI'll start looking now
1 (1).png
Never beenMovingHadn't thought about it
1 (3).png
Never beenThat's a secret!That is correct!
1 (12).png
Never beenThat's a secretYou got me
1 (7).png
I don't rememberMovingI think that's right
1 (6).png
I don't rememberMovingNot really
1 (5).png
I don't rememberI don't knowThat's the plan
1 (11).png
I don't rememberI don't knowI think so
1 (2).png
It's a secretIt's a secretWe have a winner!
1 (8).png
It's a secretIt's a secretYou're goodUntitled-7.png1 (4).png
It's a secretMovingVery serious
1 (9).png
It's a secretMovingI get told that a lot
1 (10).png

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